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Learn Well

Professor Liaw Sok Ying and her team from the National University of Singapore created a virtual platform known as "Create Real-Life Experience and Teamwork in Virtual Environment", which aims to hone collaboration and communication skills among students across various healthcare disciplines. Read more

14 Programmes
supported since inception

3 Programmes
supported in FY18/19

Live Well

National University of Singapore Emeritus Professor Lam Toong Jin believes Soon Hock fish can be grown in fish farms more sustainably. An aquaponics system has been developed, combining conventional aquaculture with hydroponics. Read more

29 Programmes
supported since inception

4 Programmes
supported in FY18/19

Leave Well

A team of Duke-NUS Medical School researchers surveyed the preferred treatment for end-stage renal failure among 161 elderly patients and their caregivers. Led by Prof Eric Finkelstein, preliminary findings showed a lack of awareness about cheaper and less burdensome alternatives to dialysis, such as conservative management. They aim to address this gap with educational materials. Read more

15 Programmes
supported since inception

3 Programmes
supported in FY18/19

Programme Grants Committed in FY18/19:
S$38 million

Programme Grants Awarded in FY18/19:
S$36 million